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My name is Dhruv Monga. I am currently an engineering student living in Los Angeles.


I am an electrical engineering student at the University of Southern California. I will be entering the senior year of my Bachelor of Science, while concurrently pursuing my Master's in robotic controls, starting this August.

I am always on the lookout for interesting projects, and people, to become involved with. I believe that through working together as a team, given a goal that is ambitious enough, people can accomplish great things.

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I am currently employed as an undergraduate researcher at the USC Interaction Lab under Professor Maja Matarić. My mentor is Ross Mead. I am also avionics and controls lead with USC Leapfrog. On the weekends, I paddle with the USC Dragon Boat team.


We are running a study to look into how humans spacially place themselves with respect to other humans based on what is social acceptable and the noise level in the room. The ultimate goal is to have robots emulate this behavior and to be able to optimize their positioning, taking into account social cues and optimizing for speech detection and gesture recognition. My responsibilities for this project include building a speech modulator, performing audio analysis, including noise removal and speech detection, as well as being in charge of the hardware components of the study.


The goal of this project is to derive a Head Related Transfer Function for a PR2. I am responsible for setting up the hardware, processing the audio, and performing the analysis for this project.


This is a study to research natural (deictic) pointing in humans and the ability of robots to recognize them. I am working with Willow Garage’s PR2 in order to observe how humans perceive pointing.


USC Leapfrog is an entirely student run organization with the goal of building a prototype interplanetary lander module. Utilizing a jet engine, along with cold-air thrusters, and using limited computational hardware (in an effort to emulate space conditions), the team seeks to ultimately encourage open source development of space hardware.


The responsibilities of the avionics and controls team include developing the avionics hardware, deriving the flight controller, and programming the onboard computer. The system runs off of a Beaglebone board, whos clock speed is comparable to radiation hardened space computers (the limited clock speed presents optimization challenges). Additionally, since the cold-air thrusters offer only a binary actuator, the controller's controllers complexity is increased to account for this.

USC Dragon Boat

The USC Dragon Boat team is a student club sport. The team participates in races near the LA area (going as far as Phoenix, Arizona, and San Francisco, California to compete). I have been a member of the team since January, 2013. Click the Read More link for more information about Dragon Boat as a sport, and about the USC team.


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